During October myself and a team of my lovely friends raised £600 for Lupus UK by joining in with their charity walk “Go that extra mile”. I sent a few photos off to Lupus UK so they could see that we completed the walk and I sent them a figure of the money that we had raised so far, explaining that we still had donations coming in.

On Thursday I got post addressed to me, sent from Lupus UK, it was
a package with 6 Magazines in it, the Silver Jubilee edition of their magazine.


Confused at first I started flicking through the Lupus UK ‘News & Views’ magazine and came across a fundraising page (page 22) featuring a few pictures of people who had walked the four miles to raise money. I squealed when I realised that our photo is on the page!

It’s an absolute honour to be featured in a magazine run by a charity that helps me understand the condition that I have, and is so close to my heart. I really appreciate that my efforts as a sufferer and the efforts of my team to raise money are recognised with a thank you by putting us in a magazine to be seen all over the country!

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I was so excited to see our photo, and will probably talk about it forever because it’s a big deal for me (though it may actually appear a little achievement to some).

Thank you Lupus UK for recognising our achievement. The figure in the magazine is not the figure that we eventually raised. The information I sent to Lupus UK at the time stood at £530, but we exceeded that!

You can sign up for the Lupus UK magazines here, by becoming a member. The  Lupus UK “News and Views” magazine is published three times a year. “News & Views is a magazine produced by LUPUS UK exclusively for our members. It is published 3 times a year – March, July & November.


Thanks for reading, donating and being you! 🙂

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We raised some pennies!

On Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th October, during Lupus Awareness month, myself and a fabulous team of staff and students at Derby University walked four miles (I did the walk both days so I did 8 miles!). Those of you that follow me on Twitter (@blogguin) or who know me personally, will be well informed that I recently arranged a 4 mile charity walk to raise money for Lupus UK. We walked to each university campus and halls of residence.

Lupus UK are very deserving of donations as they have been my absolute go to source for information on Lupus. They also inspired me to stay positive by writing this blog, as they published my own blog article to their website.

I’m very proud to announce that my team and I have raised £538.99 for Lupus UK, which is absolutely amazing & unexpected! (Donations are now closed – thanks to those who supported us)
I would like to personally thank; Lisa, Ash, Pom, Amy, Andy, Niamh, Daisy, Bronwyn and Ellie. Thank you for your time, thank you for your support and thank you for raising money for such an great cause. Special thank you for putting up with me, also.
Shout out to Amy, who couldn’t do the walk due to working but who donated and bought cakes and made us tea for when we finished the walk!

The people listed above are fellow Derby University students, work colleagues and friends of mine. I’ve never had such a brilliant support network before, I feel like I’m the luckiest lady ever! I feel a little more human for your help, thank you!

I’ve put the photos on from the walk.

thank you for your support, xo.

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Ain’t that the truth…

I absolutely loathe the existence of this disease. I would give so much to live a normal lifestyle again. No more sleepless nights in pain, no more having to lay awake begging your dose of “emergency only” pills to actually work this time. No more crappy immune system that’s attacking itself or my joints. There’d be no more wondering if I can wake up feeling like I used to before my first signs. No more crying, just crying, because you don’t know what to do with yourself anymore because the pain can get so bad that you daren’t move an inch, yet you know crying only makes it worse because it stresses you out and stress is a cause of the Lupus flare ups.

You list all the negative impacts it has on your life. How it affects your social life when you don’t want to go out because you fear your rash will look hideous if noticed, or that you’ll suffer a bout of severe pain and have to go home, lay in bed.
You push yourself to do things through pain, yet it’s only a matter of time before you burn out.
You question why this happened to you at all – but then when you take a deep breath, relax as much as you can and say “why not me?”. You know there are people out there worse off. No, that doesn’t help. You can’t compare your feelings, nor your pain, to anyone else’s. You are an individual.
You realise that you have good friends, they understand you, not on a personal level, a sympathetic level, and they bring the damn party to you.
You appreciate people doing things for you.
You learn to joke about your condition, you even make inside jokes about it amongst your friends.
You set up a blog to let people know it’s okay if they feel like this.
You know you’ve now got a purpose in life, so you stop moping and try help others.

This is my life. This is how others have to live. This is hard. This is a challenge.
Life wasn’t meant to be easy.
This is the harsh truth of living with Lupus.


Welcome to my blog about Lupus, the condition that I was newly diagnosed with in October 2013.

After about a month or two of being passed to doctor after doctor about different things I was finally given my diagnosis of Lupus by my Rheumatologist.

I hope this blog gives an insight into the daily pain in the ass that Lupus really is, and I hope that other sufferers can connect through this site and view my personal experience with Lupus.

– Beth x