During October myself and a team of my lovely friends raised £600 for Lupus UK by joining in with their charity walk “Go that extra mile”. I sent a few photos off to Lupus UK so they could see that we completed the walk and I sent them a figure of the money that we had raised so far, explaining that we still had donations coming in.

On Thursday I got post addressed to me, sent from Lupus UK, it was
a package with 6 Magazines in it, the Silver Jubilee edition of their magazine.


Confused at first I started flicking through the Lupus UK ‘News & Views’ magazine and came across a fundraising page (page 22) featuring a few pictures of people who had walked the four miles to raise money. I squealed when I realised that our photo is on the page!

It’s an absolute honour to be featured in a magazine run by a charity that helps me understand the condition that I have, and is so close to my heart. I really appreciate that my efforts as a sufferer and the efforts of my team to raise money are recognised with a thank you by putting us in a magazine to be seen all over the country!

scan0002-page-001 - Copy

I was so excited to see our photo, and will probably talk about it forever because it’s a big deal for me (though it may actually appear a little achievement to some).

Thank you Lupus UK for recognising our achievement. The figure in the magazine is not the figure that we eventually raised. The information I sent to Lupus UK at the time stood at £530, but we exceeded that!

You can sign up for the Lupus UK magazines here, by becoming a member. The  Lupus UK “News and Views” magazine is published three times a year. “News & Views is a magazine produced by LUPUS UK exclusively for our members. It is published 3 times a year – March, July & November.


Thanks for reading, donating and being you! 🙂

To see my last post about the charity walk, click here.


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