Helpful Objects

I’ve decided to add a helpful objects section into my blog!
Because simple tasks are not easy when you are having a bad day. The dreadful
Lupus pixies have sprinkled their pain powder onto your joints and oh, “guess I’m not leaving the house today because I can’t open this door, my hands won’t let me” fear not fellow Lupus sufferer, I have a few wacky ideas featuring affordable ideas (I’m a student!) or everyday household items that I will update every now and then when I come up with new crazy inventions or find new objects that help to live life a little bit easier!
Take note none Lupus suffering readers, these ideas could help you the next time you get a sprain!
That awkward moment when you say this: “Guess I can’t leave my bedroom today because I cannot open this door, uh oh, I don’t have an en suit bathroom, I need to pee“:
A mobile phone never leaving your side because you’re an 18-year-old girl completely dependent on social networking and playing Minion Rush is sometimes handy. I often in this situation just text one of my lovely flat mates and they come and rescue me from the floordrobe paradise that is my bedroom. However, sometimes this isn’t always the case, they can be out till late at night and I can’t always rely on someone else, that is life.
  • The invention of a tie is wonderful, one day I tied it to the pull down handle of my bedroom, wrapped the other end of the tie around my hand and pulled down and walked back so that the door opened just enough for me to get to the other side and use my foot to slide the doorstop under the door so that the door problem was solved! Hurray!
For those “I fancy a tuna sandwich” moments:
  • Invest in an electronic can opener, mine cost me about £3 from Asda, its battery operated and works fantastically.
Thank you, rubber band ball!”:

  • My hands have weakened since I was diagnosed with Lupus, so it’s hard to get a grip of jars or bottle tops – wrap a rubber band around the jar lid or bottle cap and try again. The rubber band gives you a better grip on things. Honestly, this is one of the most helpful things that I have thought of to date!

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