Skincare and Review

“BAD SKIN? NO PROBLEM” said every skincare advert ever.
Actually, skincare advert, bad skin is a problem. My skin is a problem, and your product made it worse, ok?

I’ve battled acne since the age of 14, all over my body. I’m now 20, and my skin has mildly improved but I have pores bigger than planets. I’m also extra paranoid people judge my skin because I have butterfly rash scarring on my face so… no, spots are not welcomed.

I’ve put my most recent bouts of bad skin down to three things:

  1. Medication: Medication I use lowers my immune system therefore it doesn’t fight off the bacteria that causes spots.
  1. Diet: I’m a student. I’ll say no more…
  1. Hormones: The period from hell that I recently encountered, produced the Devil himself, onto my face.

I have been on every acne treatment that a doctor could throw at me, some worked, some didn’t and some just weren’t healthy to be on with Lupus.

Creams/External Antibiotics: Would dry out my skin, and there was only a small amount in a tube for a large area of ickyness.

Oral antibiotics: The brought on my Lupus flares, and have caused the butterfly rash to scar my face. However, they did get rid of the spots, but the flares are dangerous and not worth my vanity!

Birth Control/Hormones: The pill made my spots worse, and no 14 year old needs extra help to be moody and hormonal.

Dalacin solution (which is basically a clear chemical bingo dabber): this just made my skin super greasy, I’ve been on it about two months, with no change to my face other than an increase in oil.

Facial steamer: All this did was aggravate my Lupus rash.

It’s too long a wait to see a dermatologist, so I’ve taken matters into my own hands. I started trawling through Amazon, blindly searching reviews of facewash and trying to avoid the gimmick that is advertising products “for sensitive skin”.

“This product is for sensitive skin? It feels like acid!?”

Then I came across a review saying something along the lines of “Stop using cheaper products as they are filled with synthetics, which dries out the skin and isn’t good for sensitive skin types.”

This got me thinking about what exactly people with sensitive skin CAN use!



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